​Homeless Ministry Members

 A. Ingram, B. Durand, S. Martin, K. Moona, M. McGaskey, N. James, S. Tarpley, T. Allridge, K. Allridge, C. Nichols, K. Francis, E. Mays, R. Tarpley 

Meadowbrook Homeless Ministry pledge to faithfully visit homeless shelters to carry the word of God and provide spiritual and physical food.  

We also pledge to spread the gospel to the homeless and officials advancing the ministries in the interest of all individuals and families who are homeless, conveying continually roles as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. 

 We strive to foster a community where everyone is valued and all people's spiritual, physical and emotional needs are met.  

 We continually seeking ways to better serve the others while enlightening their awareness of a caring God stimulate the need for salvation through Jesus Christ.

 The Homeless Ministry support monthly events for homeless individuals through volunteering our time and donations. 

We pray regularly for the homeless, families, staff members of the homeless facilities.

Homeless Ministry