In order for men to be role models and leaders, men must provide encouragement, fellowship with other men, and modeling opportunities to foster spiritual friendships. The opportunity to foster relationships allows men to so that men can grow in conformity to Christ in that men can influence another to do the same. 

The Men’s Ministries at the Meadowbrook First Baptist Church strive to declare God's truth to the world. By bringing men to maturity in Christ will  allow God’s purpose for them to be the role model that will fulfill their God-given roles as men.

 Christian men play a key role in the Body of Christ, that role is to have the responsibility to walk with Christ in obedience, and grow in conformity to his image.

We extend our invitation to all men seeking to develop their relationship with Christ, the men here at Meadowbrook FBC open our doors for you to become part of this ministry. 

To see how you can get involved with the Men's Ministry here at Meadowbrook, contact us by clicking here 

3 Principles for the Men's Ministry 

1. Exaltation - Men Devoted to God (fellowship)

2. Equipping - Men Disciplined to Maturity (provide encouragement)

3. Evangelism - Men Declaring God's Truth to the World (providing encouragement


Men's Ministry Members

Men's Ministry