"Let the elder women teach the younger women"

Strong women get things done. They have passion and are courageous, the result; strong women do their best. It is these strong women that are able to acquire spiritual maturity from years of discipleship and experience, to help other women walking after them. When women come together with Godly faithful women, these women create opportunity for relationships to encounter Jesus's love in a very personal way. 

So what is this Women's Ministry all about? 

The Women's ministry is here to support and reach out to all women and allow for women: 
1.To be strengthened in her faith through nurturing in God's word.

2. To experience companionship with others and care in times of transition.

 The MFBC Women's Ministry would like to take the time to invite all ladies to replenished your energy and be grounded in a firm foundation of faith as you journey through life. To become that Strong women of God, please contact us here and one of our Women's Ministry ladies will get in touch with you. 

Women's Ministry